St. Paul's
St. Paul’s
In 1853 a mission church of the Indian River Parish was formed in Green’s Shore (later named Summerside). The parishioners of Indian River donated their old church which was hauled to Summerside and placed on the corner of Fitzroy & Summer Strs, On October 19, the parish was dedicated to St Charles by Bishop MacDonald assisted by Father Perry and Father James MacDonald, who was instrumental in the creation of the new parish and who became its first parish priest.

In 1868 the first convent was opened on the comer of Summer & Convent Strs with a school of 25 pupils. Over a 10 year period culminating in 1876, a new brick church was built on the comer of Central & Notre Dame Strs. This church was dedicated and placed under the patronage of St Paul on October 21,1876.

In 1872, the people of Mont Carmel donated a parish hall which was hauled over the ice and located at the corner of Notre Dame & Summer Strs. It served as a rectory until 1960 and now houses the Prince County Family Services Bureau. A landmark in Summerside for 70 years, St Paul’s church was destroyed by fire in 1946. It was rebuilt that same year.
During reconstruction, church services were held in the Capitol Theatre. In 1959, under the direction of Rev JPE O’Hanley, construction began on a new church and rectory. The first mass was offered by Rev Emmanuel Richard August 28,1960 and the new church was consecrated June 30,1963 by Bishop MacEachem, The main altar was dedicated to St Paul and the minor altar to St Charles. The old church served as a parish hall until 1994. In 1993, the parish purchased a new parish house on Granville St and the rectory adjacent to the church was reconstructed into a parish centre.