Fourth Sunday of Easter Sunday

Acts 4: 7-12 1 John 3: 1-2 John 10: 11-18

Pastor: Fr. Chris Sherren
Associate Pastor: Fr. Arulraj Santiago
Office Manager: Lucia Cameron
Pastoral Associate/Counselor: Florence Arsenault
Catechetic Ministry: Theresa Johnston
Pastoral Council: JoAnne Perry
Property/Finance: Peter Brown

Liturgical Schedule
Monday 12:10pm Delima & Frank Richard & son Gerald
Tuesday 12:10pm John McCabe & deceased Family
Wednesday 12:10 pm Nazaire Arsenault
Thursday 7:00pm Teresa Johnson
Friday 9:00am Clarence & Marion Gallant
9:30am – 12:00N Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Saturday 9:00am Souls in Purgatory
4:30pm Messe française
7:00pm Anniversary Mass … John F. Trainor, Theresa (Hughes) Deighan, Peter Deighan, Reinnie Gallant, Nazaire Arsenault, Douglas Blanchard.
Sunday 9:00am & 10:30am

Baptism … for inquiries/registrations, please email Donna & Ron Dehmel or call 436-4911 . Baptism preparation held 3rd Tuesday of the month, 7:00pm, Parish Centre.

St. Paul’s Prayer Group … Tuesdays in Parish Centre main hall, 7:00pm preceded by Rosary. All welcome!

Prayer Line … to have prayers said for family/friends experiencing health problems, call 436-5039 or 436-6135.

St. Peregrine Mass (Patron Saint of cancer & other serious illnesses) … every 3rd Thursday of the month, 7pm followed by a blessing with the St. Peregrine oil.

Catholic Women’s League …

Provincial C.W.L. …

Society of St. Vincent de Paul … meets on the first Thursday of the month, 7:30pm, Parish Centre lounge.

Knights of Columbus … meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month, Parish Centre, 2nd level, 8pm.

St. Paul’s Parish Annual Meeting … will be held on Thursday, April 30th, following the 7:00pm Mass … in the Parish Centre main hall. This will allow Finance Committee to provide more details on the following:
* 2014 Financial Report
* Walter Reid, Cemetery Funds
* Capital Budget & Expenditures 2015 & beyond
Thank you to all parishioners for your generosity/support.

This Week’s Question from the Question Box …
“If someone is baptized in a Presbyterian Church, will that person have to be baptized again should he/she join the Roman Catholic Church?”
The short answer is “probably not” but I’ll give a few more details. The Gospel of Matthew Jesus told his disciples to baptize using the Trinitarian formula (to baptize “in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”) and we have continued doing this since the beginning of the Church. We believe that baptisms done in this way (with water and the Trinitarian formula) are valid whether they were received in a Catholic Church and celebrated by the priest or whether the baptism was received in a non-Catholic church and therefore anyone baptized in this way would not be re-baptized if they chose to enter the Catholic Church. To the best of my knowledge the Presbyterian Church follows this practice as do many other Christians. After some preparations they would simply receive the Eucharist and Confirmation. However, there are some Christians who do not baptize in the way that Jesus asked us to do in the Gospel of Matthew. Someone who chose to enter the Catholic Church from one of those denominations would be baptized before receiving Confirmation and the Eucharist.

Prayers for the sick & suffering … Marie McKenna, Darlene Savory, Margaret Cole, Doris Gerrard, Mary Bell, Norma Lewis, Patricia Tang, Sylvain Richard, Betty Cormier, John DeCoste, Richard Arsenault, André Cormier, Joseph & Stella Albert, Shirley Dickinson, Tyler Field, Steven Sauvé, S. MacNeill, Irving Gallant, Anita Peterson, Tom Carew, Geraldine Hynes, Wayne Spin, Brenda Sherry, Colette Cormier, Preston Silliker, Emily McCoubrey, Terry Graham, Reggie & LaurieAnn Poirier, Eunice Workman, Angus Arsenault, Tim Brown & daughter Lola-Grayce, Janice Gillis, Donald MacDonald, Carson Allain, Cody Arsenault, Ronald Doucette, Roy McRae, Elaine Cormier, Tyson G., Jean Profit, Nathan M., Leonard J. Arsenault, Erma Huestis, Adam Bourque, Sheila Dunphy … that Jesus may bring them healing in body and spirit.

Religious Education News …
First Communion …Congratulations to all children who have received their First Communion this Sunday;
Confirmation Rehearsal … will be on Monday, May 11th , 6:30pm … candidates along with either sponsor or parent are asked to attend;
Confirmation … Saturday, May 16th, 7:00pm. Please be in the main hall around 6:30pm with candidate and sponsor. There is reserved seating for family members in the Church. There is a sharing table for the reception … those with last name beginning with A-G, muffins or cheese/crackers; H-M, fruit (small bunch)/chips; P-W, veges or sweets;
Children in Grades 6 & 7 …will have reconciliation on Sunday, May 10th. This is to replace the date in March because of a winter storm. Those in Confirmation, who were not at the retreat, will receive reconciliation also. Once they have received reconciliation, they will be able to go home … there is no formal class on May 10th; FINAL Catechism Class … is Sunday, May 3rd.

Seniors’ Reflection Day … Tuesday, May 5th, 10:30am – 1:00pm. “Mary: Woman for Today” led by Sr. Della Gaudet. Marguerite Bourgeoys Centre. Cost is donation toward lunch. Further info at 436-9239.

ELECTIONS … priests are often asked what the church thinks about particular candidates and political parties around election time. The Church takes no position on which political party one should vote for. As followers of Jesus Christ, however, Christians are concerned about many issues that affect the wellbeing of people and society like justice and poverty. In this spirit, you’ll find a list of questions you might consider asking the candidates in your area at the entrance of the church. These questions are obviously not exhaustive; but, since many people come to us looking for guidance on important decisions, hopefully they will be of some help with regards to the important decision that election time brings.

Text Message and Email Updates … we’ve begun using a service called Flocknote to improve our communications here in the Parish. You can now sign up to receive text message and email updates regarding schedule changes and important announcements as well as a quarterly e-newsletter (beginning in May). This service is free (though your carrier message and data rates may apply). Signing up is easy, just visit for more information.

St. Paul’s Youth Group … meets every Thursday, 7pm – 9pm, 2nd level of St. Paul’s Parish Centre. All youth, Grades 7 & up are welcome to attend. Come and see.

Steubenville Atlantic July 3rd – 5th … Dalhousie University, Halifax. Youth, Grades 9-12 for those interested in attending, registration is $225. More info from Beth Rogers 436-6050.

Teen Encounter Weekend … May 15 – 17th at Belcourt Centre in South Rustico. To register, please visit or forms available at the Parish office.

Young Adult Summit… May 30-31, 2015 facilitated by Fr. Terry Keehan & Terry Nelson-Johnson. Topics: Making Room for Joy, Sexuality & Intimacy,Ttowards a Spirituality of Work, Being Religious/Being Spiritual, Five Top Reasons why Young Adults Go/Don’t Go to Church, Growing Relationships. Check out website: for details/info. If you would like to attend, the Catholic Women’s League at St. Paul’s is offering some financial assistance. Please call the Parish office if interested.

St. Dunstan’s University Scholarship … available to graduating high school students planning to attend UPEI. Valued at $5,000/year. Criteria and application form at or 902-393-3441.

Funeral Reminder … in the case of a funeral Mass falling on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday mornings, the regular morning Mass will be cancelled.

Lecture Series … Michael Frost presents “Greater Love Has No One Than This, that Someone Lays Down His Life For His Friends”, Parish Center, 7:00pm, Sunday, April26th. God has done this for us! All are welcome.

Hike for Hospice … Shipyard Market, Water St. Sunday, May 3rd with registration at 1:30pm and hike at 2pm.