Epiphany of the Lord

Isaiah 60: 1-6      Ephesians 3: 2-3a, 5-6      Matthew 2: 1-12

Pastor: Fr. Chris Sherren
Email: fatherchris@live.com
Associate Pastor: Fr. Arulraj Santiago
Office Manager: Lucia Cameron
Pastoral Associate/Counselor: Florence Arsenault
Catechetic Ministry: Theresa Johnston
Pastoral Council: John Perry
Property/Finance: Peter Brown

Liturgical Schedule
Monday 12:10pm Viola Perry
Tuesday 12:10pm Special Intention
Wednesday 12:10pm JohnPeter/Lorraine Gaudet & Celina/Edmund Doucette Thursday 7:00pm Kimberley McKenna-Clark
Friday 9:00am Henry & Jonney Handrahan
Saturday 9:00am Cathy Richard
4:30pm Messe française
7:00pm Anniversary Mass … Peter Sonier, Cathy Richard, Eddie Kilbride, Donnie Ferrish.
Sunday 9:00am & 10:30am

Baptism … for inquiries/registrations, please call Donna & Ron Dehmel at 436-4911 or 436-8255. Baptism preparation held 3rd Tuesday of the month, 7:00pm, Parish Centre.

St. Paul’s Prayer Group … Tuesdays in Parish Centre main hall, 7:00pm preceded by Rosary. All welcome!

Prayer Line … to have prayers said for family/friends experiencing health problems, call 436-5039 or 436-6135.

St. Peregrine Mass (Patron Saint of cancer & other serious illnesses) … every 3rd Thursday of the month, 7pm followed by a blessing with the St. Peregrine oil.

Militia Immaculata … meets the first Saturday of each month at the Parish Centre lounge, 9:30am.

Catholic Women’s League … www.cwl.ca

Provincial C.W.L. … www.cwlpei.ca

Society of St. Vincent de Paul … meets on the first Thursday of the month, 7:30pm, Parish Centre lounge.

Knights of Columbus … meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month, Parish Centre, 2nd level, 8pm. www.kofc.org

Looking for Help for the French Mass … we’re currently looking for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and servers and sacristans for the French Mass. If you can help us, let Fr. Chris know. Thanks!

Hospitality Ministry … please note that your new schedules are in the Church entrance.

St. Paul’s Catholic Women’s League News … the monthly meeting will be held on Monday, January 5th, 7:00pm in the Centre main hall … preceded by the Executive meeting, 6:00pm in the Boardroom. January is Membership month, the fee being $20. This can be paid at the meeting or put in the blue envelope and placed in the collection basket. New members are welcome so as to keep CWL vibrant in St. Paul’s Parish. This is the year for a new executive. All members are asked to discern letting their name stand for a position of a chairperson. Our Lord tells us, “Do Not Be Afraid”.

Provincial Catholic Women’s League Girls’ Bursary … for those at post-secondary educational institutions. Girls do not have to be daughters of CWL members. Forms available at the Parish office with deadline of January 31st. Return to: Mar McIsaac 122 Sunnyside Rd, Richmond, PE C0B 1Y0

Piano Players Wanted for Funerals … we are looking for names to add to our list of piano players who would be available for funerals. Please contact Fr. Chris.

Prayers for the sick & suffering … Andrew Hashie, Matthew DesRoches, Betty Cormier, Marion Gaudet, John DeCoste, Richard Arsenault, Marla (Murphy) Smallwood, Fr. Paul Riley, André Cormier, Joseph & Stella Albert, Shirley Dickinson, Tyler Field, Steven Sauvé, S. MacNeill, Irving Gallant, Anita Peterson, Tom Carew, Geraldine Hynes, Wayne Spin, Brenda Sherry, Colette Cormier, Albert McInnis, Jack Lucker, Kathleen Gaudet, Preston Silliker, Emily McCoubrey, Terry Graham, Reggie & LaurieAnn Poirier, Eunice Workman, Angus Arsenault, Tim Brown & daughter Lola-Grayce, Janice Gillis, Donald MacDonald, Carson Allain, Infants Elliot & Ethan Little, Cody Arsenault, Ronald Doucette, Roy McRae, Elaine Cormier, Karl Burdach, Tyson G., Jean Profit, Nathan M., Leonard J. Arsenault, Erma Huestis, Adam Bourque, Sheila Dunphy … that Jesus may bring them healing in body and spirit.

Religious Education News …
Catechism resumes January 4th ;
Confirmation … candidates are asked to please have baptism forms & sponsor in office ASAP. The next group mass is January 4th … 10:30am Mass;
Storm Cancellation Notifications … a reminder to parents this will be sent Friday afternoons by email, if necessary.

Catholic Family Services Bureau Thank You Letter … “Dear Father Christopher … I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the parishioners of St. Paul’s Parish for your generous support of our special collection in the total amount of $2,483.25. Your support of our programs and services through this special collection is deeply appreciated. “ Sincerely, Peter Mutch, Executive Director

Tech Ministry … looking for volunteers for a new “tech ministry” or “A/V Ministry”. Our aim is to have 2 operators present at each of our weekend Masses. We would like to recruit at least 20 people. We cannot begin training the sound operators until the equipment arrives but we can begin providing training to the projection screen operators now. Opening this ministry to adults and youth alike. If you are a youth and are comfortable with technology, you’re more than welcome to join the team and receive training and experience using professional a/v equipment. Call Fr. Chris.

2015 Sunday Envelope Packets & Specials for Parishioners on Automatic Debiting … ready & available in the hallway between the Church & Centre. Some of you will notice that you have a different number … it is OK.

Retreat at Belcourt Center … Friday, January 23rd, 7:00pm and ends Sunday, January 25th, following lunch. Led by Fr. Brian MacDougall. Info & registration at 902-963-2877 or belcourtlodge@gmail.com

World Day of Migrants & Refugees … on January 18, 2015 … with theme “Church Without Frontiers, Mother to All”. As we continue to prepare for the coming of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, let us be ever mindful that Joseph, Mary and Jesus were migrants and refugees themselves. In our preparation for the birth of Jesus, let us pray for an open heart to discerning the call to the Sponsorship of Refugees in our world today who so need our help, just as our Holy Family needed the help of others when they fled their home in fear of their own lives. Contact Susan Nye-Brothers, SAH Coordinator for the Diocese of Ch’town at 902-368-8005 for info as to how you might be able to assist. Let’s join together, with our Mother Mary, on January 18th, to pray for all Migrants. God called ordinary people to assist the Holy Family in their migration … and He’s calling us to that same openness of heart and home for migrants today.

Living a Healthy Life Program … a group program with people who have different types of chronic conditions. Begins Tuesday, Jan 6th, 9:30am – 12:00pm, Health Centre Boardroom in Tyne Valley. Register 1-888-854-7244.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Service … will take place on Sunday, January 18th , 6:00pm at the Church of the Nazarene in Summerside.