Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

1 Kings 17: 10-16                   Hebrews 9: 24-28                Mark 12: 38-44

Pastor: Fr. Chris Sherren
Associate Pastor: Fr. Ashok Veerabathina
Office Manager: Lucia Cameron
Pastoral Associate/Counselor: Florence Arsenault
Catechetic Ministry: Theresa Johnston
Pastoral Council: JoAnne Perry
Property/Finance: Peter Brown

Liturgical Schedule
Monday 12:10pm Leona Pineau
Tuesday 12:10pm Beulah McArdle/BrendaWartman
Wednesday 9:00am Eunice Savidant
Thursday 7:00pm Martin Richard
Friday 9:00am Millie Perry
9:30am – 12:00N Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Saturday 9:00am Deceased Family Members of Dennis Arsenault
4:30pm Messe française
7:00pm Anniversary Mass … Stanley & Lucie Arsenault, Marie & Fred Thompson, Vincent Savidant, Eric Cameron, Leona Pineau, James Dunphy, Ulric Gallant, Medius & Adeline Arsenault, Sylvain Gallant, Milton & Annie Doyle, Aloysius & Sadie Roberts, Charles, Mary & Molly MacLellan, John & Marie Callaghan, Rev. W. V. MacDonald, Gerard McKenna, Johnie McCabe, Leo Praught, Emilien & Ida Bernard.
Sunday 9:00am & 10:30am

Baptism … inquiries/registrations, email Donna & Ron Dehmel or call 436-4911. Baptism preparation held 3rd Tuesday of month, 7pm, Parish Centre.

St. Paul’s Prayer Group … Tuesdays in Parish Centre main hall, 7:00 pm preceded by Rosary. All are welcome! Prayer Line … to have prayers said for family/friends experiencing health problems, call 436-5039 or 436-6135. St.

Peregrine Mass (Patron Saint of cancer & other serious illnesses) … every 3rd Thursday of the month, 7pm followed by a blessing with the St. Peregrine oil.

Catholic Women’s League … first Monday of the month at 7:00pm in the main hall.

Provincial C.W.L. …

Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the Environment … “Human beings cannot be fully explained by evolution.” Human beings, even if we postulate a process of evolution, also possess a uniqueness which cannot be fully explained by the evolution of other open systems. Each of us has his or her own personal identity and is capable of entering into dialogue with others and with God himself. (81)

2016 English Missalettes … for those who have ordered the Missalette through the Parish, please note that the cost is $32.00 for the year … payable at the Parish office.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul News … a number of nativity scenes, etc are available in various sizes, from 6’ x 4’ to apartment size. Revenue, after the cost of materials, will go to St. Vincent de Paul. Info at 902-436-5489.

Suggested food items … canned meats, soda crackers, hearty soups, canned meatballs. Thank you for your continued support. “The world is waiting for us to translate the Gospel into deeds and create a place in our hearts and our homes for the weak … the marginalized and those who are far from home and from love.” -Fr.StanChuIlo

Prayers for the sick & suffering … Doreen Arsenault, LaurieAnn Poirier, Richard & Lisa Arsenault, MaryAnn Bernard, Jacob Walker, Connie Patterson-Lamey, Tim Craig, Judy Gallant, Sharon Laviolette , Eleanor Barlow, Arnold Power, Clifford Gallant, Clare Mulligan, Sharon MacNeill, Bruce Richard, Darlene Savory, Margaret Cole, Doris Gerrard, Norma Lewis, Patricia Tang, Sylvain Richard, Betty Cormier, John DeCoste, Dr. Ron Doucette, Joseph & Stella Albert, Shirley Dickinson, Irving Gallant, Tom Carew, Geraldine Hynes, Wayne Spin, Colette Cormier, Terry Graham, Eunice Workman, Tim Brown & daughter Lola-Grayce, Janice Gillis, Donald MacDonald, Carson Allain, Cody Arsenault, Roy McRae, Elaine Cormier, Jean Profit, Leonard J. Arsenault, Erma Huestis, Adam Bourque … that Jesus may bring healing in body and spirit.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul … meets on the first Thursday of month in Centre lounge, 7:30pm. Knights of Columbus … meets on the third Thursday of month at 8 pm in K of C Room, 2nd Floor, Parish Centre.

Religious Education …
Grade 3 Children … on Sunday, Nov. 22nd during the 10:30am Mass, these children will be receiving their own Sunday Missal;
More parents need to get involved in teaching, Grades 1,5, & 7. Currently, there are parents to help out … we require more parents to share teach alongside those already teaching. We may need to ask each parent to teach one lesson throughout the year and help you realize that teaching is not difficult. You teach your children something new every day, why not their faith?

St. Paul’s Catholic Women’s League News … Christmas Lottery & Bake Sale will be on Sat., December 5th, County Fair Mall. Members are asked to give $5 for the money tree, please … which may be brought to the meeting or give to any CWL member;
CWL Spaghetti Supper is on Sunday, Nov. 15th, serving at 4:00pm or 5:30pm with $10/tickets. Sign-up sheet … to bring supplies and a time to work … is posted in Church entrance. Proceeds go towards hosting the CWL National Convention, Ch’Town in 2017. Please support. Thank you!

Music Ministry Choir Practices …practice for funeral choir , Monday, 10:30am ; for Sunday 10:30 mass choir Wed, 6:00pm. Info from Mary Webster 439-3454.

Fundraiser Organ Recital … join Leo Marchildon, Diocesan Music Director, for an organ recital … Sunday, Nov. 22nd, 2:30pm, St. Paul’s Church. All proceeds to the music ministry. Free will offering.

St. Paul’s Youth Group … meets Wednesdays, 7pm – 9pm, 2nd level of Parish Centre. All youth, Grades 7 & up are welcome to attend. Come and see.

Teen Encounter Program … is looking for adults/couples interested in observing a Weekend. You would witness the power of an Encounter retreat. Rachel Gillis 902-368-8005 or

Fertility and Health Information … available through Billings LIFE, Leaders in Fertility Education. or 902-569-1716.

Grief Support Seminar … to be held on Sat., Nov. 14th, 9:30am – 2:00pm, O’Leary Fire Hall. This event is free with lunch provided. Speaker: Sheila MacCrea-MacCallum. Pre-register by calling 859-2221 or 858-3194.

International Children’s Memorial Place Dinner/ Auction … French school, off South Dr. Sat., Nov. 14th. $25 tickets Ron Barrett 888-7238 or Century 21 office. Auction 6pm with dinner at 7pm.

Longest Married Couple in Canada … do you know a couple who has celebrated their sacrament of marriage together for many years? Nominate them by calling 902- 892-1364 or email:

Exhibition on the Mi’kmaq of PEI … Acadian Museum, Thursday, Nov. 12th, 10:30am. Wigwam-shaped modules, audios, artifacts. Bilingual interactive exhibition.

Aubin-Edmond Arsenault, former Premier of PEI … the Acadian Museum presents a talk (in French) by historian Georges Arsenault on the first Acadian Premier of PEI, Sunday, Nov. 15th, 2:00pm. Free admission.

S’side Y Service Club “Jiggs Dinner” … Saturday, Nov. 14th, Trinity United Church Hall. Adults/$15 Children/$6 Take-outs available.

St. Patrick’s Ireland Tour 2016 … accompanied by Fr. Albin Arsenault. Sept. 18 – 27th, 2016, flying from Char- lottetown. Info: Harvey’s Travel 902-566-3979 or