Building Our Future

Our parish community of St. Paul’s will exist for centuries to come. As our community grows and needs change we will always be required to update our buildings, staffing, and programs to meet the changing realities of our mission in the years to come. For this reason we want to plan for the long term.

“Building the Future” is our donor-centered planned giving program designed to address our ongoing needs. To the right you will find information on a number of ways to give to your parish so that your children, grandchildren, and even their children will have the programs and facilities they need to grow in their faith and be supported in living their faith for years to come. We encourage you to take a look at the options and talk to your financial advisor to ensure you find the option that best suits your situation.

“Planned Giving is the donor-centered process of planning charitable gifts, whether current or future gifts, that meets philanthropic goals and balances personal, family, and tax considerations.” – Canadian Association of Gift Planners.